Hallcrest Heights



Projects- Completed and Pending

With weather and winds now cooperating the Association has made substantial progress on some needed
projects. For instance, the 600-foot retaining wall that separates us from the berm and Route 123 is now secure,
thanks to a three-year project to replacing crumbling mortar, removing spalled bricks, cleaning and sealing, this
critical structure.
Our four streets have had cracks filled, yellow curbs repainted and we added two needed speed bumps and
extended three others, assuring the safety of our children and, hopefully, compliance of vehicles that drive too
fast. Contacts with Fairfax County’s sidewalk division has assured Hallcrest that the new sidewalk along our
side of Route 123 from Great Falls Street up to the McLean Metrorail station will be constructed later this year.
Also in the almost completed category is the clearing and chip surfacing or our perimeter path now extending to
Chain Bridge Road. Finally, the bare spots around our new playground will be seeded with grass.



Now Open
1500 B Cornerside Blvd
Tysons Corner