Hallcrest Heights



New Playground

Installed on October, 2017 Hallcrest's new HAPPY PLAYGROUND is now open!  Starting in 2012 the Association began investigating the possibility of building a playground for children under the age of 12. County requirements, equipment suppliers, location and other playgrounds in the area were all carefully researched, and, most important of all, the necessary funds were available. With the growing number of children in our community, the Board of Directors determined that such a facility would not only be a plus for community families, but would add value to Hallcrest. With much excitement, the playground officially opened on October 14, 2017 with a fun filled ceremony.

Please obey the posted rules, especially the one that requires adult supervision. It is important that dogs be kept away from the chip-filled play area, and that the other posted rules be observed.



Now Open
1500 B Cornerside Blvd
Tysons Corner