Hallcrest Heights


About Us

The Hallcrest Heights Association Board is a volunteer entity comprised of resident owners who are elected to represent the diverse interests of the Hallcrest community. It is a 7 member team of dedicated individuals who positively impact the quality of life for all of the Hallcrest residents through their contribution of time and talent, and is active in working with local government officials to support the Hallcrest neighborhood.
The Board also fosters opportunities that encourage the members of Hallcrest to be active participants in the formulation of events and decisions that effect the community. Residents are welcomed at the monthly and annual Board meetings, invited to serve on a variety of Association committees and to seek an elected position on the Board, if desired.

The Association prides itself on its transparency with frequent communiques encouraging suggestions and ideas that will benefit the neighborhood and requesting feedback on existing standards.

Ideas and Suggestions Wanted!

The Hallcrest Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to share ideas you have for improvements to the community.  We hope to see you there.