Hallcrest Heights



President's Report


This Spring showcased two new sales records in Hallcrest. Previously, $685,000 was the record sales price, but recent sales of over $690,000 established not only a new ceiling, but an intriguing example of how to prepare, stage, and show a home for a quick sale. Both homes garnered multiple competing contracts, one of which was secured even before the home was listed. When you consider that both of these homes sold for considerably over the asking price, plus had no contingencies or home inspection “hiccups,” it is well worth detailing what the owners did to achieve such astonishing results. One home, while upgraded in many ways, still had a lower level that was in serious need of an expensive remodeling project. Thus, it was stripped down to the studs, removing the dreaded “popcorn” ceiling and old faux paneling, installed modern insulation, recessed lighting, ceramic floor tiling, upgraded electrical components, and achieved a significantly modernized approach to the adjoining patio. This home, marketed by an experienced realtor who had sold other Hallcrest homes, did all the right things to reach out to qualified buyers, as well as staging and showing the home for a quick sale after the owners had moved out. The other home, which contracted for $11,000 over the listed price, illustrate an even better example of “for-sale preparation.” In this case, the owner set aside more than a year of showcase demonstration effort: cleaning, painting, adding small and inexpensive improvements (such as crown moldings) in addition to several years of incrementally upgrading major appliances, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems - all the things that most home inspectors have at the top of their lists. Thanks to Association education efforts, the owner was well aware that Virginia was in the process of establishing a license requirement for home inspectors...(for the full report, click here.)