Hallcrest Heights



President's Report

Recently, the Washington Post Real Estate section showed some remarkable statistics about the Zip Code Hallcrest is in: namely that our area has the highest median sales price per home in Fairfax County. Our zip code similarly shows the greatest increase in this category (13%) from 2016 to 2017. Much of this clearly is a factor of our location next to the burgeoning development in Tysons as well as the accompanying requirements for expanded infrastructure such as parkland, sidewalks, less impervious surfaces and reduction in surface parking spaces. Of course, on the downside is the increase in traffic, but because of the emphasis on new smart growth principles and other measures resulting from the 40-year plan developed by the Tysons Land Use Task force and its adoption by the Board of Supervisors some 10 years ago, Tysons is transitioning from a collection of retail stores, car dealerships, office space and high priced condos to more of a “downtown.” This fact has meant that Tysons has gone from 105,000 jobs and only 17,000 housing units to something more balanced and residential. (for the full report, click here.)